Sculpture in the Wild – 10th Anniversary Celebration & Premiere


Jul 08, 2023    
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Blackfoot Pathways - Sculpture in the Wild
1500 E MT Hwy 200 , Lincoln, MT, 59639

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For those who’ll be in Montana in July, Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild is having a 10th Anniversary celebration in Lincoln July 8. They commissioned Phil to write a piece of music in celebration, and he wrote a piece for each sculpture, 22 in all. We’ll meet at the Teepee Burner in the park where he’ll play several of the recordings and speak a bit about the process. Then, for the intrepid, we’ll walk a loop of 2 miles and at each sculpture with the accompanying piece of music over big speakers.  Eventually there will be an app you can load in your phone that will bring up each geo-located piece of music. The suite is entitled “Many Worlds in the Woods” because Phil wanted to recognize the international diversity of the sculptors and the Wild variety of their works as well as to acknowledge the history of the region from prehistoric times through occupation by tribal cultures all the way through logging and contemporary life. To express that, he used a modern analog synthesizer that gives the works an “otherworldly” sound that will be unfamiliar to most people who have heard Phil. He’s been very excited about this work.

It’s a marathon, so we’re inviting people to partake in however much of the walk they can handle and feel free to leave the group at any point. There will be refreshments in mid-walk.

The celebration will be repeated in September.

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  • Erin Lindbergh

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sculpture in the Wild, and the artists and others who co- created this special place. I hope to join you all along with my parents.

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