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Darol Anger and pianist Philip Aaberg re-vision some of the 20th century’s finest composers, leavened with some of Darol’s best original pieces. Features: The classic Gershwin Prelude made popular by Heifetz, turned into a 2nd line New Orleans romp; The middle movement of Ravel’s famous violin concerto, The “Blues”, as interpreted by Darol in Jimmy Page drag; A lovely 6/8 rendition of Beiderbecke’s “In A Mist” Compositions by Paul McCandless and Darol. A must-have for modern chamber music fans!

Song Titles: 1. Prelude #1 2. In A Mist 3. Pumpkin Time, 4. “Blues” from the Sonata for Violin and Piano in G,String Quartet.#1mvt.2 6. Basin And Range 7. Father 8. Le Chemin Riel (Road to Batoche, Grey Owl, Oak Pik Waltz, Red River Jig) 9. Kinesphere

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