Montana Wild Cats – Chief Joseph’s Lament


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Philip Aaberg – piano             Jack Walrath – trumpet           Kelly Roberti – bass

“Three boys who grew up in Montana independently pursued careers in music and rose to international stature. Humble honesty and a clear deliberate nature remains, as men now their individual sophistication as composers and performers braid. A few miles from Three Forks the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers join, the confluence that is the great Missouri. This musical collaboration sees three rivers of creation and performance joined as one beautiful force: Montana Wild Cats” ~ Dr. Eric Funk


Montana Wild Cats tracks:

1. Country Slickers                  Composer: Jack Walrath

2. Jack’s Arcade                      Composer: Kelly Roberti

3. Makoshika                         Composer: Kelly Roberti

4. Montana/Edgar Wildcats       Composers: Jack Walrath, Joseph E. Howard

5. Phillips County 3-step          Composers: Kelly Roberti & Philip Aaberg

6 Blue Coulee                         Composer: Philip Aaberg

7. Chief Joseph’s Lament         Composer: Jack Walrath

8. The Final Drum                   Composer: Kelly Roberti

9. Goodbye, Old Guy               Composer: Jack Walrath


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