Three Part Invention – album download


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Philip Aaberg, piano
Eugene Friesen, cello
Tracy Silverman, violin and 6-string viola

Song Titles:
Arioso(from Cantata #156), Air on a Six String (from Suite #3 for Strings), The New Orleans Concerto (1st movement of the Italian Concerto), Honesty(Largo, 2nd movement from the Double Concerto), Betrayal (Prelude #2 in Cm from the Well Tempered Clavier l),Oath (Prelude #3 in C# Mafor from the Well Tempered Clavier ll), Wheelworks (Prelude #5 in D Major from the Well Tempered Clavier l), Secret(“Wached auf, ruft uns die Stimme” from Cantata #140), Candlelight (Prelude #8 in Ebm from the Well Tempered Clavier l), Seduction (Three-part invention #15), The Soul in Stained Glass (Largo, from Sonata #3 for Violin)


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