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Montana-Uganda Improvisations Philip Aaberg & Kinobe

Kinobe arrived from Uganda in the middle of a Montana winter. We loaded his homemade flight cases full of homemade instruments into the truck and drove 100 miles through snowy plains to The Bin. Traditional Ugandan huts are shaped like my studio, and it was clear from the first that we are musical brothers. Improvised, with only a few overdubs, these pieces formed themselves like a river gathering rain as it falls from forest leaves. Kinobe is a remarkable musician who has studied African music most of his life, yet he has the uncanny empathy of a consummate improviser with the virtuosic skill to go where the river leads. These sessions were among the most joyous of my musical life. I hope you enjoy them as we did. – Philip Aaberg

Philip Aaberg: Yamaha S6 Concert Grand Piano

Kinobe: Kora, Endingidi, Akogo, Balafon, Endongo, Nsaasi

Tracks: 1. Nninyalinnya 2. Nkyanoonya 3. Jang’ owulir’ enyanja 4. Bala Blue 5. Prevailing Winds 6. Tunula Eno 7. Mbuuka Nga Janzi 8. Okwagal’ okungi 9. Omwalo 10. Peaceful Plain 11. Nile blues 12. Reprise

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